Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why I added another beauty blog to the world

There are a few reasons why I started blogging:

1. To have a place to do my vain thing without giving the automatic impression of being shallow and superficial - I tried sharing my love and passion for makeup and all things beauty with family & friends but that did not work out well. I believe that people who have mastered the skill of makeup are artists in their own right.. skin being their canvas.

2. When I started out experimenting with makeup there were not too many blogs by darker skin-toned ladies like myself. According to my online research Blankety was supposed to be the perfect nude for me ("I-just-ate-concealer-and-it-tasted-yummy" lips anyone?). So I wanted someplace that I could literally catalogue my makeup trials and triumphs, spending (yikes!) and lemmings (yay!) and perhaps in doing so be helpful to someone asking the same questions I did.

3. To become a part of the wonderful beauty community I admired- Everyone is so eager to offer advice, share their skill and lets be honest.. to drool over swatches online :)

With that I'll leave you with a swatch

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