Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ulta3 nailpolishes- An Aussie Gem

Ulta3 nailpolishes are $2 gems found in Aussie drugstores/chemists. They come in so many beautiful colours and most of them go on very smooth with no chips for upto a week! I usually use Essie nailpolishes and these are definately comparable and some of them are even better. I particularly like the summery bright colours and you can't go wrong for the price. From what I gather the shade "Watermelon" has been made popular by the Oz Vogue forum and its not difficult to see why. It is a beautiful coral shade that really flatters my olive skin tone. I also love the shade "Tahiti" on my toes which is a very bright orangey coral colour.

On a side note, apparently true Australians have a pair of casual thongs (yeah, I know.. not the lingerie kind but flipflops) and a pair of "dressy" thongs. To my horror I realised that was true for me as well.. seems like 3 years here has made me a convert! :)

Now onto the pictures.... (clickable thumbnails)



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