Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My MAC imagination

Sometimes during work (doing a PhD is work!) I find myself drifting away into a MAC dreamland while waiting for reactions to occur. Often this involves coming up with an idea for a look in my head. I still consider myself a makeup novice and have not tried all these looks as yet but here are some. Oh, I also name them like I know what I'm doing :)

Sea foam eyes
Rubensque pp
Goldmine in inner corner
Teal pigment on the rest of the lid
Shimmermoss on middle lid
Deep truth on crease
Carbon/Club on outer V
lower lash line - goldmine and club

Fiery Gold
Rubensque pp
Cocomotion pigment foiled 2/3rd lid
Coppering e/s 1/3rd lid
Fuschia (88 palette) in outer crease
lower lash line- woodwinked

Fairy floss
On a black base (NYX black bean/blacktrack fluidline)
Silver ring e/s near tear duct
Parfait Amour all over lid
Nocturnelle outer V
Mufe 92 in crease

I might just do one of these looks this weekend!