Sunday, November 22, 2009

Egg olive oil hair conditioner

My hair has been looking less healthy than usual.. probably because I have been washing it everyday after the beach. I have also finished my Omega 3 capsules and am in an air conditioned environment all day and night long... not so great for the follicles.

A quick remedy for limp dull hair is a hot oil massage. When I was growing up mum would give me an oil massage twice a week with a homemade oil made out of coconut oil and boiled red hibiscus. Now, I prefer using plain old extra virgin olive oil for my hair. But this time my hair needed extra conditioning so I made the dreaded smelly egg hair oil mixture.

2 eggs
Extra virgin olive oil
vinegar/lemon juice

Basically I whipped up the eggs like I was making an omelette with two tablespoons of olive oil and added a teaspoon of vinegar.


Then with some cotton wool I covered my hair from root to tip and then let it dry till my hair went stiff (around 45 mins). Then I rinsed my hair out with luke warm water (do NOT use warm/hot warm as you might cook the egg) and then shampooed it as usual. I use some conditioner on the tips of my hair only.

Why does this work? Apparently eggs may strengthen hair follicles due to its high protein content and also add volume, shine and texture to hair.

Still skeptic?

Before: Dull and limp

After 1 use: Hair looks much more healthy and is now shiny!

* Both pictures taken with flash. Please excuse the many fly-a-ways after picture :)

PROS: The pros are pretty obvious from the pictures. My hair feels alot softer, has more volume and bounce, is shinier and generally alot healthier than before.

CONS: From experience, if you don't wash out the mask completely and shampoo well enough, hair can smell like you have put eggs in it. Inevitably, the bathroom you use to wash your hair will not smell that great either. I put up with these minor cons as I have used many hair masks before (both commercial and natural) but have not yet found one that does wonders for my hair like this one!

What do you use to remedy dull hair?

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  1. Oh my god, once I used egg in my hair and then used hot water and it scrambled whilst in my hair..I've never used it since that bad experience :(

    To shine my hair up, I use oils which really help me.