Saturday, March 27, 2010

Current lemmings and updates

Seems like I'm becoming quite the makeup hoarder... Since my MSF obsession is now complete with Petticoat and So Ceylon, I have now moved onto those delicious looking Sleek Palettes! I blame spectra and ebay! So for now I have my eye on the storm, safari and sunset palette and have found a seller who offers a great deal on all of them.

Also, I need to share my new found love for Ulta3 nailpolishes. It is an Aussie brand with amazing colours for only $2 each. So I'm skipping my weekly Boost juice and buying 3 a week. I will need to put up swatches just as soon as I have the time. Also, my Konad plates are getting quite the workout which I am happy about.

I still have to figure out which 2 lippies to B2M my 12 empties... ahh.. decisions...decisions

Also, CoverGirl's LashBlast is my new cheap replacement for Lancome's Hypnose. But still Damn these australia product taxes.. even drugstore is expensive.

Ok.. random rant over. Till next time (with pictures hopefully!!)

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  1. Gover Girl Lash Blast is one of my faves too - great for thick lashes! Those Sleek palettes look great, please post pics if you get your hands on some :) ♥