Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top 5 Favourite eye shadows (MAC and MUFE)

I am a NC 42 in MAC's foundation and have brown eyes. I have had a pretty tough time finding colours that I LOVE compared to those I just like.

First of all, I like many other MU newbies did not realise what a difference a base makes to eyeshadow application. Buy a base!! It makes the world of difference to how your makeup looks all night long and also makes blending heaps easier. I used to use MAC paintpots for a while but have recently started using Two Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer (which cost me 55 AUD! rip off much??) but it was worth every cent. Even after an exhausting night out my eyemakeup looks like I just put it on. Also, not included in this list are the basics like a highlight (eg: shroom, ricepaper) and matte black (eg: carbon).

Ok... now to my MAC loves:

1. Woodwinked - An antique brown which shows up with a hint of gold on my lids. Amazing colour that still does not have a dupe. Its a veluxe pearl and blends like buttah on my lids.

2. Amberlights & goldmine - Heehee.. so I cheated. Every brown girl must own both of these. They make our skin glow. Amberlights is an orangey gold and goldmine a yellow gold.

3. Cocomotion pigment (LE) - Yes, this is another gold one.. :) but this one has tiny sparkles in it that are jaw dropping gorgeous. I was really afraid that pigments would be hard to work with but they really are of a superior quality than pan shadows and you get so much more quantity with a pigment than a shadow.

4. Club eyeshadow - This ones a bit of a toughy to work with. The colour of it changes with what you wear with it. Some call it a browny green, even, greyish green/blue. I love lining my eyes with this one.

5. MUFE 92 - A gorgeous purple eyeshadow with God sent vibrancy and colour payoff. There is no dupe for this one and even though MAC makes a gazillion purple shadows this one IMO beats all of them.

Basic eyemakeup rule:

Brown eyes + purple shadow/liner = VAVAVOOM *pop* eyes



*Swatched on NC 42 skin

Also, everyone is rocking the purple eyes right now and look gorgeous

For visualisation of the *pop* with purple eye shadow check out these beautiful talented ladies: --> I recreated this and it looks lovely

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